SkyWest Notice of Termination

Decatur Airport – SkyWest GIVES NOTICE OF TERMINATION OF SERVICE to 29 airports including Decatur, Il

DECATUR, IL – SkyWest has filed a 90-day notice of termination of service at the Decatur Airport due to pilot shortages within the aviation industry. SkyWest’s filing would request termination of service in the Decatur market 90 days from the filing date (March 9, 2022) subject to Essential Air Service rules. During the 90 days, the Department of Transportation will solicit bids from all carriers interested in providing service to the Decatur market.

SkyWest will continue to provide air service to Decatur Airport during this process and until the Department of Transportation completes the selection of a new Essential Air Service provider, providing no gaps in service to Chicago, IL.

Decatur, IL is one of 29 airports effected by this termination.

SkyWest media contact info:
SkyWest Corporate Communications