Foreign Trade Zone #245 was established at Decatur Airport in 2000 with Decatur Park District being named as the “Zone Grantee.”

According to the Foreign Trade Zones Board, foreign trade zones (FTZs) are designated sites where special customs procedures apply. Foreign trade zones in the United States are comparable to so-called free trade zones in many countries, though procedures vary widely from country to country. Foreign goods may be admitted to an FTZ without being subject to customs duties and certain excise taxes. FTZs allow deferred payment of duties until goods are entered into the commerce of the United States. Under zone procedures, the usual customs entry procedures and payment of duties are not required on foreign merchandise until it actually enters customs territory for domestic consumption. Foreign merchandise that is re-exported is not subject to U.S. customs duties. Domestic goods admitted into a zone with zone-restricted status (for storage, destruction, or export) are considered exported when admitted to the zone for other government agency requirements, excise tax, and duty drawback.